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Global Tribalism

Posted in Global Tribalism by glennwalls on July 10, 2020

Harry 6

We all feel invisable at some point.


The Maritime Services Board Building, 1952 (Now the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney). Architect: WH Withers &W D H Baxter. This work has been inspired by Superstudio & Henry. Shot on location, Sydney, Australia. Digital Print. 2020


Harry 8

Queer Lives Matter. 


MLC Centre, 1972 – 75. Architect: Harry Seidler (After Henry. Partly shot on location, Sydney, Australia). Digital Print. 2020


Harry 5.1

How will I know if he really loves me. I say a prayer with every heart beat.


BHP House, 1969 – 72. Architect: Yuncken Freeman Architects (Shot on location, Melbourne, Australia). Digital Print. 2020


Villa Savoye 3

I am one of God’s beautiful mistakes.


Villa Savoye, 1927. Architect: Le Corbusier. This work has been inspired by Larry Clark (See Below), Partly shot on location, Poissy, France. Digital print, 2020


Larry Clark

Larry Clark. Photograph. Courtesy of Simon Lee Gallery, London & Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York


Harry 11

Harry 11.1