Going Home (Part 2)

Posted in Going Home (Part 2) by Super on June 6, 2011

Glenn Walls. Le Corbusier designed nothing for me. Digital print. 2011. Part of the Going Home (Part 2) series

Modernist architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier proposed buildings intended for an ordered, structured life and contemplative viewing. What attracted me to their domestic buildings were their pure forms, cleanliness, timelessness and strong sense of interplay between masculine/feminine and public/private space. I only know these architects’ works via books, documentaries and the web; I am from the suburbs, raised without connection to modernist architecture. My work seeks ways to link my experiences of domestic buildings with the pure forms and theories of these architects. To achieve this I have photographed my father outside his house. Through research, experimentation and production I link these spaces through the use of text, white electrical tape, human figures and objects, into the public/private spaces of Mies and Le Corbusier.

Glenn Walls. My other house is modernist. Digital print. 2011. Part of the Going Home (Part 2) series