Going Home

Posted in Going home (Digital prints) by Super on December 6, 2008

Glenn Walls                                                                                                 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Farnsworth House, 1945 – 51

Untitled (Going Home) is a series of digital prints photographed in the house I grew up in. Located in Melbourne the house had been in the family for almost fifty years. However growing up in this house, I dreamt of living in another world, a modernist world. This world consisted of clean lines, white walls and minimalist furniture that had no connection to past histories or memories.

In June 2006,  the house was left vacant and up for sale. Realising the house would soon be out of my family possession, I went back to document my connection to the house, its history and more importantly my memories. For a few short weeks I had the opportunity to act out my childhood fantasy of connecting my family home to a particular form of modernism I only know through books and the Internet, however at the same time allowing the house to shine in its blandness as a place of memory.