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Humanise Le Corbusier 2
Glenn Walls. Humanising Le Corbusier. Plan Voisin for Paris. 2014

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret). Plan Voisin for Paris. 1925.

LC 3.1

Glenn Walls. Humanising Le Corbusier. Plan Voisin for Paris. 2014

The Plan Voisin is a solution for the center of Paris, drawn between 1922 and 1925 by Le Corbusier. 
The plan for 1925 seems to be a direct transposition of the diagram of Contemporary City for three million 
drawn in 1922. Included are buildings available in a regular orthogonal grid occupying a very important part 
of the right bank of the Seine. The space is highly structured with two new traffic arteries pierced through 
the city, one on the east-west, the other on a north-south. Their role is not limited to the organization of 
Paris, as were the advances of Haussmann: they pass through the fortifications and the suburban area. They 
have the ambition to link the capital to the four corners of the country, the major French and European cities. 
The crossroads at the intersection of these two avenues is the center of the plan, the center of the city 
in central France. (

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