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Posted in Large Scale Bookcovers by Super on April 21, 2014

Self and Boring Others

Glenn Walls. Self and Boring Others, Perspex on wood. 2014

No Difference At All - Uganda

Glenn Walls. No Difference at all. Perspex on wood. 2014.

No Difference At All is based on R. D. Laing 1961 book, Self and Others (seen in the top work). Eminent Italian graphic designer Germano Facetti designed the cover. R.D. Laing was a Scottish psychiatrist who wrote extensively on mental illness. The World Health Organisation considered homosexuality a mental illness until 1993. Using Facetti design of Laing’s book cover, No Difference At All highlights that sexual preference within the LGBTI community is no longer considered a mental illness by most western countries, however countries such as Uganda recently have imposed harsh anti gay laws and continue to label it as a mental disorder. The three circles are the colour of the Uganda flag. The red circle of the work is a mirror where we see a reflection of ourselves, noting that there is no difference at all, legally or medically between any of us. We are all the same no matter what our sexual preference may be.